Q: Will i catch more fish wearing fly lord clothing?

A:  It's unlikely that you'll catch more fish but you'll look cool as hell trying! The phrase "I practice catch and release" was invented for a reason, don't be afraid to tell the tale of the one that got away!

Q: Where's the best place to catch more fish?

A:  The aquarium is a great place to start, the fish tend to be used to human interaction so stalking isn't neccesary!

Q: How do I become a Fly Lord?

A:  Simple, get out there in your Fly Lord gear and do what us fisherman do best... 

Q: Where is my local FLY LORD OUTFITTER?

A:  Just like fish we're hard to find. You can spend hours stalking your local store's but we're in hiding. Your best bet is to sneak out and place an order in the dead of night....


Q: Do you offer guiding?

A:  No, we don't like to give up our secret spots however we do have a list of certified guides that we're happy to hook you up with. One condition, you have to rock your Fly Lord clothing while out on the water with them.


Q: Do you offer international delivery?

A:   Our UK BASED Distribution Centre (home of the fabled trout - fish and women) delivers worldwide. From Alaska to Auckland, we've got you covered.